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Rogier, Founder 

Strategy Facilitator
Languages Nederlands, Engels
Expertise Senior Consultant
Degree level WO

Bolster is a growing, boutique consultancy firm.

We work internationally with large corporations, to support change and develop a future-proof company. We create unique, disruptive and implementable strategies, and transform top leadership to realise their full potential.

This is achieved in one integrated, structured approach.

Your role

As Strategy Facilitator, you engage with our clients at senior level. You build the relationship, create the design and lead the journey with the client. You do this together with a team of engaged and experienced professionals.

Along the way, true challenges will require your full potential, and the full potential of your team.

You facilitate clients to focus on the right direction and actions, developing teams under their leadership and creating the ways of working needed to deliver concrete results.

Our work impacts the core of the client’s business model. The key to delivering this lies in genuine engagement, and building long term relationships with the client.

Bolster values

At Bolster, each team member carries the great responsibility to be fully true to her- or himself and true to our client.

We work ultra-focused, razor sharp and with a strong execution power. We help the client to change his game and exceed expectations. This is how we make deep impact.

This starts with having the right intentions. We don’t believe in egos, but look for those who truly contribute to bring the team and the client forward.

At Bolster we work as one team and care for each other. We build true connections and support each other to see clearly, keep fresh and stay fit.

Your development

Our clients are looking for something different. We replace top level strategy consultants, not by doing the same, but with our unique process-consultation approach.

Our Seeing methodology has been developed by Bolster, in co-creation with Harvard Business School. We use this approach to help our clients, and also as our backbone in our own development as a person and as a company.

A career at Bolster is a journey in your personal leadership. Get to the full potential of who you are, realise your dreams and achieve personal fulfilment. You will learn new competencies in consultancy and reach the next level of your professional development.  

What fits the team?

  • You’re fluent in Dutch & English;
  • You are able to create value to a business;
  • You are familiar with ways to create a company strategy;
  • You have experience in creating new business models;
  • You are able to sell, lead and run large consultancy programs;
  • You are able to read and analyse financial input;
  • You’re eager for feedback and able to absorb it;
  • You have the courage to connect with your challenges;
  • You are willing to travel;
  • You are able to organise yourself and actively keep yourself fit.

What is required?

  • Master’s degree
  • Skills to make attractive strategy presentations;
  • 5+ years of relevant experience at senior level;
  • An active and approachable network;
  • Fluent in Dutch & English.

What can we offer you?

  • Direct impact at executive level of inspiring companies;
  • The next level of company transformation;
  • Development of your full potential;
  • Full time job with attractive payment benefits;
  • A life changing opportunity.

How to apply?

Apply via this website or send an email to

Please write us a short motivation in Dutch or English, including your CV + 2 pictures of yourself:

  • How you see yourself at best;
  • With the people around you that are important to you.
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Languages Nederlands, Engels
Expertise Junior Consultant, Senior Consultant, Partner, Expert
Degree level WO

We are always looking for talent. Let us know when you see a fit with your ambitions.

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