The squeeze of the business unit manager

You’ve been around for years, in a very specific market. You have a wealth of knowledge and experience. This is the moment to let go of all that baggage. Forget your own company, forget its history, forget the point where you have arrived. Let everything go and only answer this question honestly: if you could start your company again today, how would you go about it? Would you want the exact same products and services and the same organizational culture? Or would you like to do things differently? If you’re really thinking completely freely, where would you like to go? We have 7 pieces of advice for you:

Do you want to innovate? Invest in your managers first

Innovation in multinationals sometimes happens more slowly than desired, no matter how strongly the urgency might be felt internally. The most important key to developing strategies with a truly positive impact is empowering your own people.

Creating Performance Breakthrough

Bolster worked closely alongside Network Rail to create an approach for performance breakthrough for the high-output train which renews the track. We spoke to Steve Featherstone, programme sponsor at the time, about his key takeaways from working with Bolster.

The Art of Process Consultation

I am sure sometimes you have someone approaching you with a life question. A friend or colleague who got stuck in a situation and wants to move forward, but doesn’t know how.

Strategy at Speed

In de afgelopen periode hebben we gezien dat organisaties besluiten veel sneller kunnen nemen. Geen
maandenlange analyses en trajecten, maar snel tot de kern komen en knopen doorhakken.

Week of Courage: Renate Haverkamp

Een kort interview met Renate Haverkamp, oprichter van Bliss, facilitator van verandering. Renate had in 2010 een missie; meer yoga in het bedrijfsleven.

Week of Courage: Marij van Onzenoort

Marij van Onzenoort, is recent benoemd tot Global HR Director Commercial bij de spin off
van MSD die volgend jaar zal plaatsvinden met als missie “A better and healthier every day
for every woman”.

Week of Courage: Onno Bos

Een kort interview met Onno Bos, CFO van Zicht, risico- en verzekeringsadviseurs. Onno heeft vanuit zichzelf een vuur dat wakkert op het verlangen om mensen te helpen.

Week of Courage

During the Week of Courage you can put your hero in the spotlight, as a token of appreciation for their courage.