Executive Leadership Development

The development of an organisation begins with its leaders. We guide your leaders in becoming aware of unconscious patterns, enabling them to work more effectively and connect better with others. For more information about our open-enrollment leadership programs, contact us/click here.

Immediate and lasting impact

Bolster facilitates leadership programs where leaders renew themselves, strengthen their personal foundation, and learn to use directly applicable tools. With a unique program that intertwines personal leadership with strategy and execution, leaders can work on vision, team development, and mindset.

Bolster has over 20 years of experience in creating customized in-house leadership programs.

Methodology in a separate frame/besides/in another color.

In collaboration with Harvard Business School, Thomas and Rogier developed the Seeing method. Harvard has acclaimed Seeing as the leadership model of the 21st century. It is an approach to quickly gain clarity on a challenge and convert it into concrete steps toward a sustainable solution.

Who are we

What we do

You want a new strategy without a lengthy process

You want to innovate but you are unsure where to start

Initiatives are in place, but the results are lacking

A clear strategy for you and your team, the leadership to achieve it, translated into concrete and short-term steps. The strategy…

  • Is immediately executable
  • Is developed in collaboration with you and your team
  • Delivers tangible and measurable results

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The development of the people around you starts with you as a leader. By gaining a better understanding of yourself, you can work more effectively.

Our Seeing Leadership Journey provides you as an individual the opportunity to experience our leadership program.

Focus of the program

  • Making unconscious patterns visible,
  • Creatie space for renewal, and
  • Cultivate a more neutral perspective around you

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Our collaboration follows this process:

Step 1: Schedule an appointment via (options)

Step 2: Introduction. During this meeting, we got to know each other better and explored challenges and ambitions.

Step 3: We work together on a tailor-made action plan. Following this route, we can assist you in forming a new strategy within x time.

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