Quick Response

Sometimes organizations come to us requiring immediate assistance. A project which is running completely out of scope in terms of time and/or budget. A team stuck in a deadlock. A leader needing to take swift action on a pressing issue.

Projects such as these need clear, decisive and swift decision making, coupled with a concrete action plan which can immediately be executed.

“We turned around from running at a 90 million loss to a 40 million profit. A lot of the stuff we did with Bolster provided a significant contribution on that journey.” – Program Director, Network Rail

Typical things we do with clients

Each program we run is unique, with this in mind here are some of the things we have achieved together with our clients over the years;

key infrastructure project with significant delays was turned around with eventual completion 1 year before targeted date.

Over 25 projects transformed to deliver top-quartile business results, including a 40% reduction of design and production costs.

A country business unit was running off course; within one week we set-out a concrete, renewed strategy.

A dysfunctional and siloed team was threatened to be dissolved by management. Within a few months the team was operating as a cohesive high-performing unit.

“I have seen you go beyond what you can think you can achieve. Some expressed even to me that they went beyond what they thought they could achieve.” – Director MSD

Our promise

If you face a challenging issue, we will facilitate your process to take fast decisions and have the courage to tackle it.

  • We get started immediately; we work on the hot topics and help you to solve acute issues

  • We help you to get to the root of the issue, so that the solution can have real impact

  • Mobilize others; we can help you to bridge different levels and departments to help work towards the agreed goals

  • It can be hard to see the wood for the trees; we help bring clarity and focus to complex situations