Winning Team

Often we hear from clients that they want their team to drive a new strategy or ambition. To do this they don’t want a mediocre team, but a super team.

How do you create a team that truly stands-out? How do you ensure an alignment of goals from company strategy right through to each individual team member? And how do you create a unified team that operates from a shared way of working?

“The process helped us confront some personal and team dynamics that were not working well. In practical terms it led to an improved leadership structure and to better quality decisions.” – VP Shell

Typical things we do with clients

Each program we run is unique, with this in mind here are some of the key deliverables that we have achieved together with our clients over the years;

A Cultural Performance Program led to measurable improvements on key qualitative indicators such as trust, transparency and engagement.

Co-created a new Way of Working. The team stood-out as a top performer setting standard best practices for the entire organization.

Facilitated 11 country business units to shift to agile way of working. Each approach was tailor-made to embrace local needs and ambitions.

Support a diverse team helping to bridge geographical and cultural differences. Team performance and collaboration continues to improve year on year

“It really helped being Dutch, the Bolster Team has this honesty in terms of fronting of issues, but still doing it a nice way … in a way that people still feel comfortable.” – Program Director, Network Rail

Our promise

You have a challenging ambition, you want to change the status quo. You have the courage to change. We will facilitate your process.

  • We don't just look at soft skills; but also challenge you on your vision and content so the team can achieve razor-sharp execution
  • One team, one voice; we help you hone your common language
  • We facilitate you to speak out about underlying tensions and irritations
  • We help you to have the real conversation by nurturing trust and creating a safe space

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