Stakeholder alignement to improve profitability

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The company

NetworkRail is responsible for the maintenance and development of the train track infrastructure in the United Kingdom. They make use of an advanced method in renewing these tracks with their 800 meter long high output train.

The issue

NetworkRail asked Bolster to help getting stakeholders aligned. In the complex environment of this ongoing project, stakeholder alignment was crucial. Because, the missing alignment resulted in conflicting needs and goals, wherein 50% of the volume was lost. The ultimate goal was to let the stakeholders realize that they were all part of one supply chain, and therefore one common goal. We focused on solving these conflicting needs and goals. ​

The approach

First, we mapped all functional dependencies. Subsequently, we set a clear common ambition together: the North Star. Bolster facilitated interventions in order to get to one shared common goal. Wherein every individual realized that they were playing a key role in the supply chain.​

The result

Stakeholder alignment was achieved and the things that were introduced are still there now and make a big difference. ​

“ In Scotland we actually did considerably better than the set targets, and it was the best campaign we have ever undertaken. We’ve taken the lessons from that to other parts of the country. Simple things that we introduced are still there now, and they make a big difference.” – Steve Featherstone, Program Director Network Rail​