Pre Zero

How Pre Zero managed to progress in their company transition.

“And currently, we are more advanced and much further in that roadmap than we could ever think of. And that's really the the power of bolster and the power of the joint team with bolster.”


Pre Zero holds the circular economy in high regards. This is why Pre Zero is on a mission to transform their company state from a collection company to a producer of secondary

Request to Bolster

  • Create a roadmap for a new strategy
  • Create new disruptive insights
  • Support the CEO and Leadership to transform the company


  1. Together with the Leadership team we set the proper direction for Pre Zero
  2. We supported in creating disruptive insights to run the business in a different way
  3. By combining soft skills with hard skills the the management team started to see
    vulnerability as a strength, a way to become more effective leaders


  • A strong new sustainable future strategy was developed
  • Pre Zero has a leading role in the market in transforming the company from a waste
    collector into a more circular producer of secondary resources
  • The management team developed a safe atmosphere where everyone has the liberty
    to offer their input
  • Bolster helped the team realise that showing vulnerability and emotion as a leader is a
    strength and can result in more effective leadership
  • Pre Zero made alliances with competitors which was uncommon until then

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