Together, we managed to achieve some challenging ambitions.

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RWS is part of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and responsible for the design, construction, management and maintenance of the main infrastructure facilities in the Netherlands. Bolster has been working with RWS for more than fifteen years, including, for example, an acceleration project for the construction of highways in the Netherlands, and the implementation of specific safety objectives. Together, we managed to achieve some challenging ambitions.

Making safety a strategic priority and successfully executing the safety strategy.

Successfully reduced the construction time of a highway from four to two years under an Emergency Act.

Connecting and facilitating multiple regional project directors to come from a siloed approach to shared solutions.

Guiding multiple leaders within RWS in their leadership as part of our program.

Bolster appreciates the courage from RWS’ leaders to open up for challenges. One leader with whom Bolster closely cooperated is Wouter van Schelt. In his reflection of working with Bolster, Van Schelt praises Bolster’s fast pace of working.

“It is really unique how fast Bolster can read into our work methods and specific issues. Bolster manages to keep up and accelerate change really quickly.”

He highlights the characteristic dialogue which Bolster applies to become familiar with clients and their challenges before starting to work either individually or in groups.

“Such intakes bring clarity upfront, so we can work in depth in trainings and sessions. During the process, Bolster does not leave any challenge untouched. Participants do not come away with diplomatic answers. This can be a bit uncomfortable sometimes. But Bolster manages to keep a lot of energy and positivity for those involved to transform challenges into joint ambitions and actions.”