How Shell Ventures increased their impact in the energy transition.

“The process helped us confront some personal and team dynamics that were not working well. In practical terms it led to an improved leadership structure and to better quality decisions.”


As Shell’s corporate venture capital arm, Shell Ventures is on a mission to help accelerate the power and mobility transformation and increase their impact and role in the energy transition.

How to disrupt its business model and accelerate their mission

Shell Ventures invests and cooperates with frontrunning companies that can play a role in the energy transition. The innovative solutions they invest in work to reduce costs, lower emissions, electrify our energy system and help gain data-based insights. In addition to the technologies themselves, Shell Ventures maintains a role as the eyes and ears of Shell within the start-up ecosystem, provide valuable insights. With that in mind, Shell Ventures was aiming to become more than a traditional venture capitalist and connect more deeply with the mother company. Also, after years of intensive growth, with hubs all over the world, Shell Ventures needed to create a more cohesive structure and bond within the team to fulfill their mission of accelerating the power and mobility transformation.

Geert van de Wouw, Managing Director at Shell Ventures, called Bolster to boost the speed by analyzing and strengthening the mission.

Request to Bolster

  • How can Shell Ventures be an enabler to Shell?
  • How can Shell Ventures become a world leading corporate venture capital?
  • How can Shell Ventures improve their teamwork while working remotely in global hubs?
  • Can Bolster support the change management in the year of the turnaround


  1. Bolster helped Shell Ventures define their role as the external ‘eyes and ears’ of Shell in the energy ventures ecosystem, allowing them to provide valuable insights through early spotting of disruptive trends and making investments in new technologies and business models that can put a real ‘dent’ in the energy system when deployed at scale.
  2. We developed a North star and strategy for Shell Ventures, working closely with the Vice President and his team.
  3. We did a Leadership offsite development program with the global team, supporting them in the cultural change that was needed in the new strategy. The program consisted of:
    – Personal development (individual coaching)
    – Team development (team building, way of working, organizational design, diversity


  • Shell Ventures became more structured and purposeful in their approach.
  • Shell Ventures solidified their mission and value proposition.
  • Shell Ventures increased team performance and cohesion across their hubs in Europe, the US and Asia, aligned behind a North star.

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