Indra Nooyi

“We [PepsiCo] have enormous influence in the world. But we cannot be guided purely by the earnings cycle, or we might end up adding costs to society. We have a profound role to play in society, and we have to make sure that we are constructive members of society”

“Purpose has three elements. The first is human sustainability. How do we make sure that we provide products that range from treats to health foods and allow customers to make balanced, sensible choices? The second element is environmental sustainability. How do we make sure that, as a company, we replenish the planet and leave the world a better place than it was when we began playing around with it? The third element is talent. How do we make sure that people who work for PepsiCo are able not just to make a living but also to have a life?

The most important part of performance with purpose is the use of the word “with.” It’s performance with purpose, not performance and purpose, or performance or purpose. Unless you focus on purpose, you cannot deliver performance. And unless you deliver performance, you can’t fund purpose. This is a very closely linked ecosystem. If we do not transform our portfolio, we cannot sustain performance. If we do not become greener than we are today, young people are not going to come to work for us.”