5 ways to be more courageous.

Here are some ways to help you embrace courage and implement it into your life.

  1. Know your strengths

It sounds so simple, but knowing what you're good at helps boost your confidence. When you're confident in your abilities, you're much more willing to go all-in when an opportunity presents itself.

What adds up to this is when you are struggling with fear and want to incorporate more courage in your life, it's natural to focus on your shortcomings and your weaknesses. So it's important to think about what you're good at and use this as a confidence and courage builder.

  1. See things in the right perspective

Don’t look at your fears a a bad thing. Take the time to look at your fear and understand why it's there, it will uncover a better idea of how to overcome it or be courageous in spite of it.

  1. Examine Different Scenarios

Think about the worst case scenario and the scenario were you overstepped the best outcome.
The worst thing that could happen is often minimal in comparison to what you could gain by acting. By imaging being courageous without having to put yourself is a great way to be courageous one day.

  1. Relax

When you feel overwhelmed, frazzled, or bogged down, look for ways to lessen the stress. Did you ever feel courageous when stressed? Taking a break ever now and then is a great way to relieve stress and find space in your mind.

  1. Make mistakes

Don’t be afraid of failure, this will keep you stuck in the same place. Embrace the experience of failing, it means if you took risks or stepped outside of your comfort zone.

Making mistakes allows you to learn something new, change directions, and see what you're made of. They are a welcome experience instead of a worst-case scenario, it stretches you to try new things in spite of the risks involved.

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