Digitalization issues

Decision-making is difficult when complicated management issues arise. Especially in a field with many players and interests. Information technology is one of those difficult playing fields, where both leaders and employees can easily get stuck. But there is a way to deal with even the most intricate IT challenges in your business.

IT developments in large organizations often have one of the following two characteristics:

(1) The IT department opts for a certain solution for an organizational problem. They fail to get this idea in the limelight and explain how the solution supports the business objectives. Or the management does not (dare to) accept the solution.

(2) Management develops a plan for new business activities (e.g. a new service or reorganization). They fail to involve the IT department. At a (too) late stage, IT is instructed to provide the required support, but they can't or won't commit.

Conflict of interest

Every IT issue involves many players and interests. And often with a conflict of interest. Think of the importance of information security versus the importance of optimal accessibility. Security is the responsibility of the IT department. Accessibility is a strong condition for management and other users.

In these cases, there is not one interest subordinate to the other. This means making choices is difficult and there is a high chance of stagnation. The organization is not moving forward, facing the risk of falling behind and losing competitive advantage.


Imagine what happens if you reconcile the technical side with the human side? A functioning IT system and happy users.

Reaching that goal starts with addressing the real issue.

Make a strategy and set the north star together. Followed by an execution plan. Support every individual to take bold decisions, show strong action and serve others. Since all interests carry the same urgency, there is no room for cuting corners, only the best solutions will suffice.

Separate the political issues, that are always there, from the actual issue. Bring the individual interests of the players to the table and extract the collective interest from all those interests. Define what people agree on and focus all efforts on that. In doing so, you ensure that those who have to make the decisions will have the courage to keep moving forward.

Bolster your business and have the courage to connect.