Why I chose Bolster

A couple of months ago, I stepped into the world of strategy and leadership consulting. I started my job at Bolster to conduct the marketing and communication.

The way we look at strategy & execution is very refreshing. I want to share some unique characteristics of the Bolster way of working.

Digging deeper to uncover the real issue.

Process consultation allows us to dig deeper and move beyond surface issues. An iterative process that begins with listening uncovers the real purpose of transformation.

Value organizational strengths.

We see you as the expert. Your perspectives and insights are essential and valuable. We recognize creativity. And the unique strengths of your team(s).

Built future-proof strategies.

Within one week we get a team or organization fit-for-future. We co-create an action plan on adjusting the organizational model and management. With a boosted mindset, culture, and leadership.

Grow leadership capacity.

Everyone will learn new skills through the process. These learnings lead to personal and organizational transformation. This will empower the capacity to lead in the future.

Deepen relationships.

Our approach builds trust and transparency. It brings collaboration and leads to deepened relationships. Both inside and outside of the organization.

Also time is of essence. Bolster's journeys only take a couple of weeks. With one or two people from Bolster to guide you through the process.

Interested in learning more about how Bolster can help your organization grow? Drop me a line and I’ll be more than happy to have a (virtual) coffee with you. Marije@teambolster.com