Andy van de Poel

Andy is a professional coach who values the same principles and teachings like the traditional coach does, such as goal setting, working on habits and beliefs, but he also encourages you to connect to the deepest, more hidden parts of yourself to unlock your slumbering potential. He will offer a new perspective on day to day reality, including tools to better deploy your qualities that will help you tap into hidden energy-resources. Together you can discover how to best make use of this potential, to develop a keen eye for your blind spots and be more aware of your own ways of steering your energy in directions that go nowhere. This results in working with less resistance and more fun. All his experience is the result of a lifetime of doing and refining himself.

Andy lives in the southern part of the Netherlands. He enjoys being outdoors in the country side and unwinding peace in the comfort of his own home. Here he feels well balanced among chrystals, a solid foundation for a relaxed way of living, while ever broadening his way of looking at the world. He likes to write and vlog about everything that interests him.


  • Guide teams to create a sharp joint vision
  • Challenging people to see what is really needed
  • Personal coaching