Annemarie Paol

Annemarie has been working at Bolster since early 2023. After several years of marketing in fashion, she now enthusiastically uses her skills for a human service that is close to her heart. With her experience as a coach and trainer, she has an affinity with various forms of development and setting teams in motion. At Bolster in a marketing position, this brings together a large number of interests such as visibility, text, image, vision and growth. Like Bolster, Annemarie also values ​​courage, connection and real conversations.

In addition to her work at Bolster, Annemarie is the mother of 2 young adult daughters and has a long distance relationship with her childhood sweetheart from Brabant. She loves music, reading and wrote a book. You can find her in her free time in the yoga or pilates studio, nature and at the kitchen table with friends and family.

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