Frans van Loef

Frans is a strategic senior executive with over 20 years of experience as the driving force behind strategy execution and business growth. CEO with an entrepreneurial background (2 MBO’s). Frans is most inspiring, challenging and thought provoking. He combines a strong ‘out of the box’ mindset with excellent skills in executive (teams) coaching. And always focused on getting results. He has the unique skill to bring complex challenges back to simple actionable solutions.

Working with Frans is a joy and gives great energy and no escape; you and your team will move forward and stay very focused!

Frans lives a very well balanced life, besides his business drive, he is very much involved in both family life, married to an entrepreneur and four kids and in helping others. He is dedicated in his strategic and organizational support role for Wildlife Justice Commission, a very driven NGO with the mission to disrupt and dismantle the transnational criminal networks trading in wildlife.

Frans like outdoor activities, he swims and goes mountain biking frequently.


  • Unlocking capacity (collective time & talent of organizations): Free up 20% capacity to spend on strategic priorities
  • Out of the box solutions: Co-create actionable solutions using cross-pollination of expertise and industries
  • Reduce Complexity: Execution strength and acceleration in strategy execution stage.

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