Lonneke Lammers

Humor and open communication are important aspects of Lonneke’s personality and work mentality. She is motivated to help people breaking out of their fixed thinking patterns or behavior. She likes to explore the deeper levels and to play with a physical system setup to uncover the invisible. All this combined with her untamable energy and sparkling personality she brings every project to a higher level.

Lonneke is a big fan of hot yoga, kitesurfing and dancing. She loves going on adventures, not knowing what life will bring her next. She lives in a cozy flat in Amsterdam, together with her many plants. To keep herself balanced, she tunes into the Waking Up app of Sam Harris daily – to practice meditation and learn all about distractions, focus and energy patterns.


  • Transformation Coach: Help you moving through when you feel stuck
  • Unlock Full Potential of your Team: Creation of leadership / development programs
  • Shared Way of Working: Create a shared WoW to optimize efficiency and teamwork

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