Madelon van der Tol

Madelon has been involved with Bolster since 2022. She has 20 years of experience in strategy, marketing and leadership, including at BCG and in various executive roles at Unilever. For example, she was responsible for a European marketing division and in the Netherlands she led a business unit of over 100 employees. People like to work for her because they experience the space to take their own responsibility and to excel.

Madelon asks the in-depth question and can clearly show leaders what is possible with their answer. She challenges with sharp observations and inspires through experience and vision. She knows, just like you, the power of vulnerability and loves to explore the depth together and come out lighter. In working with Madelon you quickly get to know her sharp observations and analyzes and hopefully also her humor.

In addition to working at Bolster, Madelon enjoys spending time with her family. She lives together in 2 cities with her fiancé and their 3 sons. As a girl she liked to spend her free time in the library and reading is still a great hobby, with writing now also added to it. She also likes to write about her other hobby, as a restaurant critic for a culinary platform.


Growth strategy; guiding teams to create a clear vision of growth Executive
Coaching; challenging leaders with the in-depth question and real conversation
Positioning; helping companies choose what sets them apart uniquely

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