Marije de Jager

Marije combines a background in digital application development with strong marketing skills. She has a broad general knowledge and is very keen to boil down processes and see where they can be improved. For years she has put the Bolster Seeing Method into practice, so she is a true ‘believer’. Sometimes she can pop up during a project, but her main focus is to let the world know what it is like to Bolster your business.

Marije lives in the centre of Leiden, where she enjoys the liveliness of the city. She is always trying to keep her physique in balance, due to issues with her connective tissues. However, this does not keep her from enjoying live with her partner Kees and teenage daughter. Traveling, concerts and strolling outdoors are things she really likes.


  • Putting things in perspective and making an executable plan
  • Combining a strategic view with an eye for detail
  • Coaching groups to a higher level

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