Roline Brunnekreeft

Roline worked in healthcare as a data analyst and consultant for five years. She enjoyed translating patient data into valuable insights and drawing up strategies. However, she missed the person behind the numbers. She wants to help people, in change and improvement. In particular, show that they are capable of more than they think. At Bolster, everything comes together for her. Inspiring and stimulating people drives her. She quickly sees the bigger picture and asks the right questions to reach the end goal together. Roline has an original view on life, is enthusiastic about other perspectives and does not shy away from a challenge. When she makes sharp bad jokes she is in her element.

Roline feels at home in Overveen. She enjoys nature and the beach. Long walks, tennis and hot yoga keep her fit and sharp with regular creative outbursts on the canvas. She likes to travel, which is also useful with a love abroad.