Teska Koch

As an experienced Change manager Teska has a demonstrated history of working on global projects. She is a strong program and project management professional with an interest in facilitating workshops, engaging people, change management and team development. Working with groups as a trainer or facilitator is what gives her energy. Teska has the ability to guide teams in finding their vision or goal, by being mindful of each individual whilst always keeping the end goal in mind. She is open-minded, a true mediator at heart and curious to find out what blocks or motivates people to help them take the next step.

Teska lives in Amsterdam together with her partner. You can mostly find her in the kickboxing gym, but she also loves to challenge herself in other sports. To free her creative side she loves to try anything that she has never done before, to have new experiences and create memories with her friends.

My expertise:

  • Group dynamics: guiding teams in helping to find each other and their common goal
  • Change management: focus on the people side of change from strategy to execution
  • Project management: create a clear path and structure to effectively drive the change

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