Thomas Beerepoot

Thomas founded Bolster in 1999 together with his business-partner Rogier. What started off as a leadership approach co-developed with the Harvard Business School, has since grown into a boutique firm with clients from all over the world. Thomas helps companies with their vision, strategy, focus, team and leadership development, and execution of this on all fronts.
Thomas is an expert in seeing the bigger picture, connecting the dots and intuitively grasping how particular things are linked together. He challenges the client in a fun and creative way; helping them to quickly reach the core of their issues and what drives them.

Thomas is energized by having the real conversation with courageous leaders; talking about things that really matter, both professionally and personally.

When he’s not at the office you can find Thomas out in nature with his 4 kids. He particularly enjoys the views from his beautiful retreat on the beach where he likes to go with his kids and where he also sometimes works with clients.


  • Shared Focus: Guide teams to create a razor sharp joint vision
  • Executive Coaching: Challenging top leaders to see what is really needed
  • Sustainable Change: Support leaders in realizing real change

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