Thomas van Andel

Thomas is an experienced strategy consultant and team coach with 10 years of experience at numerous companies.
One of the most important insights he had during his career so far is that a sound strategy does not guarantee success. Implementing strategy and getting things done requires people. Setting an ambition and working with people to translate the strategy into concrete priorities, structure and behavior is his main motivation in his work.

Thomas is often characterized as a pragmatist which means that he always challenges to make things practical, see what actually works for you and to start small.

Next to working, Thomas loves sports – running, tennis, and soccer. He was born in Abcoude and currently lives together with his girlfriend in the beautiful City Amsterdam.


  • Team dynamics: Create insight in the personal- and team values and drivers. “How does it work around here? What is our task? And how do we collaborate?”
  • BU Priorities & Plan: Create an ambition and execution plan what you will deliver this year (and what not)
  • Portfolio / project management: Create a clear project- and portfolio structure to effectively drive the change