10 April 2020

Johan Cruijff

Johan Cruyff was a star player who later became a renowned and successful manager. His approach to managing his team can also be applied to business life. 

Cruyff’s 14 rules –

  1. Team player — To accomplish things, you have to do them together.

  2. Responsibility — Take care of things as if they were your own.

  3. Respect — Respect one another.

  4. Integration — Involve others when possible.

  5. Initiative — Dare to try something new.

  6. Coaching — Always help each other within a team.

  7. Personality — Be yourself.

  8. Social involvement — Interaction is crucial, both in sport and in life.

  9. Technique — Know the basics.

  10. Tactics — Know what to do.

  11. Development — Sport strengthens body and soul.

  12. Learning — Try to learn something new every day.

  13. Play together — An essential part of any game.

  14. Creativity — Bring beauty to the sport.

Photo credits: RTL.nl