Strategy Execution Case: Creating a future-proof strategy

How we helped our client to set out a future-proof strategy and get their organisation engaged and motivated in the process

Since its founding in 2008 our client had rapidly expanded both in terms of FTE and geographical locations. This growth had been largely organic, and where previously questions about the direction and future of the company could be picked up ad hoc, a tipping point was being reached which required a more structured and sustainable approach. The client asked Bolster to support them in setting out a new strategy and also creating a more sustainable organisational structure.

Our journey started with the two co-founders who on the surface had a shared dream for the company. But somewhere under the surface there was a disconnect. We stood together with them and helped them to see the situation as it was. They had the courage to have the real conversation and by looking at the bigger picture together we worked out what was truly needed. 

This shift spearheaded the first phases of the project. Together with the MT we dug in to set out a clear strategic vision for the next 5 years. We helped the team to pull together and get their noses in the same direction. Once the ‘North Star’ had been clearly defined we co-created a step by step approach on how to get there, breaking the strategic direction up into executable building blocks. 

The next step was to get the company engaged, involved and motivated. It quickly became clear that the best vehicle to achieve this was to focus on the culture and values; redefining and and enhancing them to help people work more effectively towards the new, shared goals. 

This year the first strategic block is currently being set in motion and has received positive feedback and engagement throughout the organisation. We created a strong and unified MT that lives the new culture and strategy through and through, and acts as a role model for the organisation. The strategic ‘North Star’ has been translated into concrete building blocks in which each person knows what it means for them and how they can contribute. Most importantly, people in the company are feeling energized, engaged and unified in their drive towards the future.