Annelouc Best - Bolster

Annelouc Best

“Annelouc is a smart, energetic person, who can ‘feel’ the room and make any necessary adjustment in the flow to engage the team discussions and achieve the expected outcome. It is a real pleasure working with her. Her smile and positive energy are contagious.”

Annelouc is a change facilitator. She works with international teams and individuals to realize ambitions. “She can be razor sharp, with her open mindset and positive attitude it makes it easy to digest”. 

The perfect job for her is to work with both the board and the teams on the ground at the same time. She likes to connect the dots and explore different perspectives. “Annelouc approaches challenges with enthusiasm and respect for different viewpoints.” 

Having the real conversation is what makes her tick. “Annelouc helped me to see myself what was needed to bring my development to the next level”. 

She lives in Utrecht together with Bart. She escapes the city to explore nature during her time off. Preparing herself to make her dream reality, to travel by car overland from NL to Japan. A car full of dreams: living her dream and supporting others in making their dreams come true. Annelouc is mad about Crossfit and loves a good cappuccino. 


My Expertise

  • Engage Company Culture: See what is needed and learn how to influence behaviour
  • Execution Power: Boil down complex problems to simple solutions and executable steps
  • Setting the North Star: Lay out a crystal clear vision and communicate this to the organization


My Hero

A real hero for Annelouc is Esther Parel, a well known therapist. Annelouc: “She is mastering the art of asking the right questions to influence the conversation between various parties. It is a real pleasure to learn from her.”

The founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard, is another inspiration for Annelouc. “I believe we all have the responsibility to treat our earth carefully. I respect very much how Yvon has taken this as a basic principle in the way he has set-up Patagonia.”