Gemma Roex - Bolster

Gemma Roex

Gemma gets her energy from supporting teams and individuals to drive breakthrough change. She believes that by connecting with, and acting from, your core purpose you can excel in your goals and ambitions.

Gemma brings together analytical thinking with an open and explorative mindset. She likes to ask insightful questions which prompts the client to look at their challenges in a different light.  

After graduating from the University of Oxford with a degree in History, she moved back to Amsterdam to start her career in Executive Education. Gemma truly believes in the power of lifelong learning, which is why she particularly enjoys co-creating and facilitating bespoke in-house leadership and team development programs with the client. 

Gemma lives in Amsterdam together with Stijn. She loves to play lacrosse and is proud to have represented the Netherlands on the international stage. She loves to travel and go sailing with her family. Being out in nature, preferably with a dog at her side, is what helps her to truly recharge. 

My Expertise 

  • Unlock Full Potential of your Team: Creation of leadership / development programs
  • Corporate Storytelling: Create and tell a story that engages your team & moves people to act
  • Shared Way of Working: Create a shared WoW to optimize efficiency and teamwork


My Hero

“I particularly admire Indra Nooyi; former Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo. To me she embodies what it means to be a truly authentic and purpose driven leader. She had the courage to be a real innovator and also drove PepsiCo to take a more sustainable approach to their business. All of this while being a woman of colour in a largely male dominated sector.”