Ingeborg Lübbers - Bolster

Ingeborg Lübbers

Ingeborg brings alive the combination of a strategist and a teamcoach.

She is sharp, asks the questions that are needed to be asked, and keeps an eye on every person in the room. She is all about creating ‘forward energy’ in a team. To achieve this,  she delivers clarity on long term goals, a focused and actionable strategy to achieve those goals, and the belief in the team to be able to deliver together.

With more than 10 years of experience in strategy, facilitation and teamcoaching, she ensures a solid structure while her personal style is human, creative and always with contagious enthusiasm.

Ingeborg lives in Haarlem with her husband Steven and 2 kids. She loves to dive into the (cold) open water to swim or going for a hike. Her best moment of the day is a morning coffee. Roadtripping in America is her favorite together with eating oysters while staring at the sea.

My Expertise 

  • Implementation of the Scaling Up method (Verne Harnish)
  • Facilitation of (Co-Creation) sessions
  • Teamcoaching