Lenty van Zeijst - Bolster

Lenty van Zeijst

Coach and strategist during office hours, your biggest champion all day every day. Challenger of status quo and advocate for equal opportunities. Unstoppable and facing the world with the biggest smile. Fascinated by the little things in life and not afraid to explore the unknown.

My advise:
Take charge of whatever comes on your path and don’t let anyone stop you. Live life to the fullest and enjoy the ride.

– Building storytelling skills and organise workshops and interactive sessions to enable others to share experiences. Inspire by sharing my own challenges and achievements. Emphasise the strength of vulnerability and stimulate learning from each other to create a safe place to experiment and learn how to fall and rise to new heights.

– Promoting a change of mindset by pressuring on the importance of diversity and inclusion in our work. Creating a safe space to exchange experiences, stimulating awareness among team members, adopting new hiring strategies and facilitating tools and approaches for management and up to support all above.

– Learning more about how technology and business meet, with the principle of thinking forward in mind. What do leaders need to support their organisation and people, how can we enable them to implement strategic and technological changes and how can we make them ready for the future.

– Emphatic and analytical of social processes
– Goal oriented, unstoppable, go getter
– Strategic thinker
– Strong communicator
– Compassionate
– Adaptable, resilient and determined
– Curious mind, heart and spirit
– People and project manager
– Funny