Leonie de Vlieger - Bolster

Leonie de Vlieger

Leonie combines a strong technological background with a fascination for human behavior in all it’s quirkiness. She loves to analyze and understand how a team cooperates, and to help that team reach its goals. “Every team has its own dynamic, its own set of cultural rules and its own flow. Once they find that flow, magic happens.”

She believes that the best way to create a path of change is by setting a clear purpose. “Find that something that really matters to everyone.” Usually it’s already there in the dna of a company. Her focus is to help it resurface and to put it on the top of everyone’s mind.

Leonie lives in an old farmhouse in the middle of the flower fields in Zwaanshoek, near Haarlem. In her free time she loves to go outside with her husband Niels and their two small sons. She’s a passionate yogi and an educated yoga instructor, but also loves a long run or an explosive crossfit session. She clears her head by growing vegetables in their kitchen garden.


My Expertise

  • Finding a shared vision and setting the right goals
  • Systemic coaching
  • Creating leadership and development programs


My Hero

The multiple time world- and paralympic champion Bibian Mentel is my true hero. She had to deal with many losses but remained strong, loving, and focussed on her possibilities. She set up a foundation to inspire and support others who live with a physical or mental disability. Her resilience and positive focus is a true inspiration for me.