Maartje Vaassen - Bolster

Maartje Vaassen

Maartje makes the match between Bolster and new talent and ensures they have the ability to explore their options to join Team Bolster. She believes that people are the most important asset of a company and shares Bolster’s story attracting professionals that fit our mission, vision and culture.

After graduating from Hotelschool The Hague, Maartje moved to Amsterdam. She selected this study due to the combination in Business Management and delivering excellent service, working with different people from various cultures. The past years she developed in strategic recruitment, with emphasis on employer branding, ensuring a professional candidate journey and optimizing the recruitment process.
Where hospitality, service and personal attention for both colleagues and candidates always remain truly crucial in her approach.

Maartje lives in Haarlem with partner and two stepchildren, she enjoys horseback riding in the weekends and stays active by her weekly bootcamp. Also, Maartje has an active social live, preparing a lovely meal with a nice glass of wine together with her partner for friends/ family makes her day.

My Expertise 

  • Recruitment & Retention: striving towards a long lasting match for a candidate and Team Bolster
  • Employer branding: By sharing the Bolster story, seek online engagement with our company’s image
  • Candidate journey: create and maintain a candidate process matching our organization


My Hero

I admire Simon Sinek; best known for popularizing the concept of WHY. It taught me to seek the essence in making my daily decisions on a personal and professional level. In particular a quote applicable to me: “working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress, working hard for something we love is called passion.”