Rogier 't Hooft - Bolster

Rogier ‘t Hooft

Rogier supports companies and humans to get in touch with their essence. His work is based on his belief that true development (of a company, team or person) is enabled when you allow yourself to use adversity as the source for growth.

Rogier guides clients through their journey with engagement and objectivity. He enables the client to grow courage and independence. His approach is focused, concrete and fun.
With his background in Change Management and Leadership Development, Rogier started to collaborate with his co-founder of Bolster in 1999.
Rogier loves his family life with Fleur and his 2 daughters, and often goes to hike, camp and swim in nature.


What clients say about working together with Rogier:

“I wanted to thank you for your guidance and leadership over the past 3yrs. It has been extremely valuable for me on a personal development level as well as for our organization.”

“Rogier had been of great support, he takes the time, can be very direct and friendly at the same time.”

My Expertise 

  • Support leaders to get to essence, courage and independence
  • Making strategies real
  • Guide your project or team through troubled water


My Hero

“I admire Andrew Carnegie, who is in my view a true hero. He may be known from Carnegie Hall and the Peace Palace in The Hague. He showed huge courage by enabling everyone to get a fair chance, education and further international peace. And went against the grain in his day by not going along with the differences in color of skin.”