Leadership development

Effective executive leadership development

In today's society, we increasingly rely on the expertise of others and look to outside guidance. Whether it's the doctor, a political party or spiritual movement, we are massively looking for solutions that we are told. At Bolster, however, we see leadership as something that comes from within. That is why leadership development is a personal journey for everyone. When you develop yourself from within, this journey will be different for everyone.

We believe it is important to learn to trust your own decisiveness. When you really listen to yourself, you already have all the answers within you. We teach you how to work with the authentic leadership qualities that are already in you. That way you develop a strong foundation that you can rely on. It takes courage to dare to rely on that basis. From that base you can then easily connect with others.

Bolster helps senior leaders, first time managers and high potentials in organizations to work from a strong personal base. This basis gives you clarity about what you stand for and what the unique qualities are that you can use. From that inner peace you are able to give direction to yourself and others, and to be persuasive in your decisions. Based on that, you determine the strategy and lead your team and organization to success.

In collaboration with professors from the Global Leadership Initiative at Harvard Business School, we created the Seeing® method. This method has been named it by Harvard leadership model of the 21st century. It empowers leaders to move from understanding to embodied transformation.

The Seeing® methodology is a proven model that transcends the tension between reason and emotion. It is an approach to quickly focus on a challenge and to convert it into concrete steps towards a sustainable solution. This applies to both personal leadership development and strategic organizational development.

We develop courageous leadership from within. Leaders who are strongly connected to themselves and others, and who take strategic and transformative actions.

“I want to thank you for your guidance and leadership over the past three years. It has been very valuable, both on a personal development level and for our organization.” – Performance Improvement Manager Shell

You are a small company; very agile and flexible and you guys really listen to customer needs and help set up a tailor made program which is really appreciated.—Vice President MSD

Bolster Promise

A life-changing program that creates connected, courageous and strategic leadership. The courage to make real decisions arises when leaders know from their core what they are doing. When they can steer from within themselves instead of looking outwards, leaders are able to connect with their team and the organization. 

We start the program by working on strengthening your personal foundation. We hereby challenge you to identify your blind spots and development points. Through this awareness you learn to better understand your behavior and to make choices based on courageous action. 

From this solid foundation, we offer concrete tools with which you are able to build successful teams and lead the organization in developing a strategic vision and an executable plan to achieve this vision. 

What will you notice about this?

  • Leaders work with and from the facts.
  • Their decisiveness increases.
  • They make choices easier and faster.
  • They are able to create movement and take people with them.
  • Leaders can handle large and rapid changes well.

Not 25 consultants in a suit and tie. You are down to earth, and able to connect with the bigger picture—Global Director Arcadis